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Digital Portfolio Creation Benefits

By Kathryn Bremble & Kaitlyn Weller

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Kathryn Bremble is an English major with a minor in Psychology. She is in her senior year at Millersville University. After graduation, Kathryn plans to attend graduate school for school counseling. She completed this project with a classmate for her Digital Portfolio class. Her project is about digital portfolios, and their use in professional settings, careers, or education. Kathryn is passionate about how they will be beneficial as a platform to use when seeking out a post-graduate career or higher education. She hopes to be able to use the skills and content that she acquired while completing this project in the future.

Kaitlyn Weller is an English Major with a minor in Journalism. She is in her Junior year at Millersville University. She has researched the benefits of developing a digital portfolio for her Digital Portfolio class with Dr. Farkas. The research in this presentation will give insight into how a digital portfolio contributes to success within a future career and graduate studies. She wants to use this research to better explore herself as a writer and give more opportunities to herself for graduate school to become an English teacher and help shape young writers.


Author's Note: 

We have no known conflict of interest to disclose. 

Thank you to our professor, Dr. Farkas, for supporting us through this project. 

Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Kaitlyn M. Weller at

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