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Flyers Soar Past Jets

By Zack Todd

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Zack Todd is a Multidisciplinary Studies major focusing on sports journalism.  He is a senior at Millersville University.  Zack has been covering sports events and writing articles for assignments for over two years.  He has covered events such as Philadelphia Flyers games to Philadelphia 76ers games as well as football and baseball.  Zack learned that he was interested in a future in writing in high school.  He learned he was interested in sports writing in college when he started covering events.  His work will focus on sports writing and how to cover a professional game.  It will specifically include a hockey with a recap article of a Philadelphia Flyers game.

Author's Note: 

I feel like this best shows my ability to cover a sporting event.  I feel that I covered the important moments in the game as well as the players who stood out.  I also think that I highlighted all the vital moments that led to the outcome of the game.

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