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Portfolios: A Wide Variety

By Katelin McDougald, Michelle Lepera, & Madelynne News

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Katelin McDougald is a senior at Millersville University studying Digital Journalism. She has spent many years involved in different writing clubs and working on her own writing projects. Along with Madelynne News and El Lepera, her project showcases some of these writing examples as they talk about digital portfolios. They hope to show that digital portfolios are important to use and can also be very diverse. After she graduates, Katelin plans to use her portfolio to enter the journalism industry, aiming for employment in entertainment journalism.

Michelle (El) Lepera is a senior at Millersville University currently pursuing a degree in English, a minor in psychology, and a concentration in journalism. This is El’s final semester of classes and they will graduate upon the completion of their internship over the summer. They and their groupmates, Katelin and Madelynne felt inspired to share their collaboration of portfolio submissions so as to illustrate that creating a portfolio isn’t as daunting of a task as it may seem to be. El plans to use their portfolio in their future endeavors while hopefully landing a career in freelance writing, authorship, and publishing.

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Madelynne News is a senior year English major at Millersville University. The Spring 2021 semester will be her final semester of classes, and she will officially graduate after completing an internship over the summer. Her creative project comes from her digital portfolio, which displays her writing and editing abilities. Madelynne plans to use her portfolio to branch out into the world of book editing and publication after graduation, alongside advertising herself as a freelance writer. Her plans farther into the future include publishing her own novels and working as part of a writing team in video game storytelling.

Author's Note: 

We have no known conflicts of interest to disclose.

Thank you to our professor, Dr. Farkas, for all your support in the creation of our portfolios and this project.

Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to either Katelin J.  McDougald at, Madelynne R. News at, or 

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