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A Program Evaluation of Millersville University Student Police Academy: improving Diversity in Policing

By Elizabeth Rohrback, Ana Carolina Munar, Destiny Lebron, Mary Brogna, Emma wright, & David Lenig

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The MU Student Police Academy Research team consists of six research assistants from the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change: Elizabeth Rohrback (Junior Sociology with Criminology concentration), Ana Carolina Munar (Graduate student- Master of Science in Technology and Innovation), Destiny Lebron (Junior Psychology Major), Mary Brogna (Junior Psychology Major), Emma Wright (Junior Sociology Major) and David Lenig (Senior Sociology with Criminology concentration). One of the goals of the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change is to promote collaboration between local organizations and Millersville University faculty and students, by enabling students to use their research skills on campus and in their community. Our team members share an interest in criminal justice, policing, and social change. We were able to explore these interests through the evaluation of the Millersville University Student Citizens Police Academy, held in the Fall of 2020, in collaboration with Millersville University Chief of Police, Pete Anders.

Author's Note: 

IWe have no known conflict of interest to disclose. Thank you to our advisor, Dr. Carrie Smith, and to Chief Anders, for your support during this project. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Ms. Elizabeth G. Rohrback at

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