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Teaching ESL Linguistics

By Jessica Rapp

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Jessica Rapp was asked to do this project in my English 472.5 Digital Portfolio. She is passionate about what her project represents as a whole. It is about ESL Linguistics and teaching in a classroom. Rapp is very passionate about this as it is her goal to become an ESL Teacher once she graduates from Millersville University. She hopes that through this presentation, it will bring light to ESL in the classroom and its importance in our country as a whole. Like mentioned before, once Rapp graduates from Millersville, she plans on working towards a teaching certification, then become an ESL Teacher. She plans on including the skills and knowledge acquired while attending school at Millersville.

Author's Note: 

This example was carefully researched and explored as part of a bigger project for a classroom assignment grade. I hope you like the subject that I am presenting and are able to learn something you didn’t know before. For any questions and concerns please email me at

Keywordsbirth language, language acquisition, L2 Learning Acquisition

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