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Reflections on a Digital Portfolio

By Rachel Hicks

Hicks photo.jpeg

Rachel Hicks is a senior at Millersville with a major in English: Writing Studies and minors in History and Government & Political Affairs. This project came out of English 472: Digital Portfolio where Rachel spent the semester curating an ePortfolio that represents her writing, analysis, design, and creative abilities. This article discusses the process for selecting samples, making revisions, and creating a digital portfolio website. After she graduates in May, Rachel is planning on attending the University of Maryland for Archival Science and History. Rachel knows her digital portfolio will help her in her future endeavors as an Archivist and (hopefully) a Ph.D. candidate.  

Author's Note: 

There is no known conflict of interest to disclose. 

Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Rachel J. Hicks at

Keywords: digital portfolio, writing, resume, job search, graduate school, reflection

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