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The Effects of Vocational Rehabilitation on the Employment of Adults with Autism

By Emily Boyles

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Emily is currently a junior at Millersville University. She is dual majoring in early childhood and special education, with a minor in creative writing and publishing. She began working on this project as a requirement for Dr. Boyle’s SPED 321 class. The class focuses on inclusion for individuals with severe disabilities, which she is passionate about since her future aspirations include becoming a special education teacher. The aspect of this project that she is particularly passionate about is the fact that the research focuses on young adults and individuals who are college age. As an early childhood major, most of her coursework is spent

focusing on practices for students in elementary school. Being a college student herself, working on something geared towards her peers was a rewarding change of pace. She is participating in Made in Millersville with the hope that anyone who sees her work will be inspired to think about methods of inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Publishing in the Made in Millersville Journal has helped her hone her writing skills and increase her confidence in her writing. This opportunity will help her immensely post-graduation as an educator since she hopes to continue researching and publishing. 

Author's Note: 

I have no known conflict of interest to disclose.

Thank you to my advisor and SPED 321 professor, Dr. Susannah Boyle, for all your support during this project.

Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Emily R. Boyles at

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