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The Hybrid Text “To Sleep”

By Leah Freeman

Freeman photo.jpeg

 Millersville Journal while continuing to volunteer as a student writer for the Honors Report. She hopes to attend graduate school to further her studies, and explore her place in the professional world. 

Author's Note: 

Thank you to my professor who had assigned this project, Judith Halden-Sullivan, during my Spring semester Creative Writing Class. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Leah P. Freeman at

Keywords: creative, writing, poetry, prose, drawing, portfolio, hybrid text

Leah Freeman is an Honors College student striving for an English BA with a concentration in Writing Studies, along with two minors in Linguistics ESL and Psychology. She is in her sixth semester at Millersville University, and is a senior according to her completed credits. Leah has won the Paul & Caroline Beideman Honors College Fellowship Endowment for the year 2020-2021, the Hughes Foundation Inc. Scholarship 2020-2021, and the APSCUF-MU Scholarship 2021-2021. She has worked in editor/writer positions for the Honors Report and the University Research Newsletter, and now serves as an editor and manager of the Made in

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