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“It started out like a song”: A contextualized musical analysis of Stephen Sondheim’s most pivotal works of the 1980s.

By Noah Manno

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Noah Manno is a sophomore Music Education and Vocal Performance major. He is a proud member of the Mcnairy Library Music Research Fellows. His research examines Stephen Sondheim, one of the most prolific and exceptional musical theater composers of the 20th Century. His project analyzes two contrasting musicals written in the 1980s. Noah is striving to learn more about how this brilliant composer is able to create new and exciting art. He is hoping to supply musicians, composers, and educators with a prime example of how an artist was able to express his art freely and effectively.

Author's Note: 

I would like to thank the McNairy Library Research Fellows Program along with our mentor, Dr.  Marilyn Parrish.


Keywords:  Stephen Sondheim, Composer, Musical Theater, Music, Analysis

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