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Anterior Cruciate Ligaments 

By Alexis Jenkins

Jenkins photo.jpeg

Alexis Jenkins definitely is very active from the start. Sports have always been her passion; growing up, you could always catch her outside at the softball field playing with her high school, tournament team, or family. This all was until she had an almost career-ending injury occur not just once but twice. Luckily, she could continue to play two years of college softball, but she always wondered why tearing your ACL, also known as your Anterior Cruciate Ligament, was such a big deal. Now years later, she is a Senior here at Millersville studying Sports Journalism. After graduation, she plans to work her way into the ESPN world to eventually become an ESPN Broadcast Journalist.

Author's Note: 

I am not a doctor by any means and have not worked on any medical cases when it comes to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, my knowledge comes from experience and research from doctors, medical professionals, and medical clinics.

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