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Multiple Meanings: A Deconstruction of Definitions

by Brett Morgan


Abstract: Thinking through our contemporary culture’s language and symbols, my recent work explores our culture’s deep desire to label, define, and categorize everything. The objects and ideas that at first seem to be clearly defined, mutually exclusive, or somewhat contradictory become my inspiration. Can a work of art be a mass-produced, readymade, as well as a unique, handmade object? Why do we separate art and design, but yet both are housed within the same department on campus? Where does one begin to understand an object when it has multiple and equally valuable descriptions or when multiple words describe essentially the same idea? These areas of multiple meanings have been the subjects of my research here at Millersville University.

About the Author

Brett Morgan is currently a senior at Millersville University, double majoring in Art Education and Studio Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics. The majority of his work uses clay to address the themes of multiple meanings and differing definitions that are found within language and society. Using ceramics, he explores material and non-material culture, the value and influence found in physical objects, and our society’s deep desire to clearly identify, label, and order things. Using his skills and experience in ceramics, he is interested in expanding his knowledge by exploring the field of Industrial Design in the future.

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