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I am Mihir Saudagar, a sophomore at Millersville University majoring in Economics with a minor in Business Administration (General Business). Tax theory has always piqued my interest because it can leave a lasting impact on every member of society. Economists, political pundits, and mainstream media have always commented on downstream tax effects and implementation strategies of past plans; the TCJA is no exception. Back in the beginning of 2018, I overheard people complain about The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act being another tax cut for the rich. Some said it would eat away their tax returns, while others rejoiced when they heard they would pay less in federal income taxes. Every tax plan has positive and negative effects; it is up to us to compare the opportunity costs. There was a lot of conjecture being thrown around, confusing a lot of people, including me. I was already intrigued by the effects of taxes, so I read more, and decided to write a paper to share what I learned. After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan on heading to graduate school and study in the field of Macroeconomics or Tax Theory.

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