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Correlations Between Wind Forcing and the Ocean’s Upper Mixed Layer Depth in the Vicinity of the New-England Continental Shelf Break 

By Michael miller and Kyle nazarchuk

Nazarchuk Headshot.jpg

Mike Miller is currently a third-year student at Millersville University with a major in Environmental Ocean Science and minor in Data Science.  His love for marine science came naturally from spending his summers at the beach. He hopes to one day be a leading contributor in gaining insights on the climate crisis. More recently, he presented another poster with his advisor, Dr. Vaillancourt at the annual Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they showcased the interannual variability of phytoplankton biomass within OOI’s Pioneer Array. With his passion for data analytics and oceanography, Mike hopes to dive deeper into this study by highlighting some of the physical drivers behind these phytoplankton blooms with the help of Earth Science student Kyle Nazarchuk. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Mike plans on attending a graduate program to focus on research in physical oceanography and ocean data science. 


Kyle Nazarchuk is a meteorology and earth science education dual major in his 5th year at Millersville University and is a member of the Millersville University Honors College.  After watching a TED Talk by Dr. Martin Bush investigating a method to eliminate guesswork on multiple choice tests, he was interested in attempting to reduce guesswork in multiple choice testing while still asking students to answer questions as though it was a normal multiple-choice test.  What interested him in the results was the unexpected increases that were seen in scores for students that were lower in the grading curve and he looks forward to future research to refine his methods to correct this behavior.  Kyle plans to further his education in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and to teach secondary earth science. 


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