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Mechanisms of Various Pharmaceutical Drugs

by Dr. Aimee Miller’s Biochemistry II students


Abstract: This project includes a series of eight posters produced by the students in Biochemistry II. The purpose for the poster project is to explain the function of a specific pharmaceutical drug from several key perspectives. Each group of students selected a molecule that targets the activity of a specific enzyme and produced a poster describing its function. Collectively, the features of the poster provide a robust integration of advanced concepts and skills studied in Biochemistry II.

About the Authors

Dr. Aimee L. Miller teaches biochemistry in the Chemistry Department at Millersville University. Students in most chemistry and biology programs are introduced to biochemical molecules and metabolic pathways in Biochemistry I. However, students interested in more in-depth study of biochemical processes have the opportunity to continue into Biochemistry II. This is most specifically relevant to students in the biochemistry option in chemistry and the molecular biology option in biology. Many of the junior and senior students go on to further graduate studies, including Ph.D. and medical programs.

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