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Music Therapy and Recovery in the Treatment of Adolescent Eating Disorders, 2008-2018

By molly mcdyer

Molly McDyer is a junior music education major with a concentration in percussion and string bass. Since spring of 2019, Molly has been studying and researching music therapy and the rehabilitative connection it has in American adolescents with eating disorders from 2008-2018. She has been conducting her research in the music program of the McNairy Library Research Fellows. Her methodology consists of qualitative narrative and content analyses of blog posts, forums, and discussion boards as well as gathering background information from scholarly articles, journals, and publications in the fields of psychology and music. Molly plans on completing her undergraduate degree in music education in the spring of 2021 and going straight into Millersville’s school counseling graduate program. There, she plans on expanding upon her research and applying what she’s learned in a career working with children, music, and psychology in an educational setting.

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Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Molly at this email address to start a conversation.

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