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An Evaluation of the Climate Prediction Center’s Analog Forecasts During the 2020–21 Meteorological Winter

By matthew teare

Matthew Teare - 500x500 Photo (1).jpg

Matthew Teare is a Meteorology major and Mathematics minor in his second year at Millersville University. He conducted his research as part of the McNairy Library
Research Fellows program under the mentorship of librarian Melissa Gold and professor Sepideh Yalda. His interests in anomalous weather and lesser-studied forecasting methods inspired his research on the Climate Prediction Center’s (CPC) analog forecasts during the 2020–21 winter season. He hopes that his project can improve analog-based weather forecasts by using that winter as a case study. His future goals are to explore nontraditional forecasting methods in order to further improve weather forecasts, with a focus in long-range weather forecasting.

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