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Analysis of the Northeastern Pacific Marine Heatwaves

By marissa tripus

TRIPUS_MARISSA_Picture (1).jpg

Marissa Tripus is currently a senior at Millersville University with majors in Physical Oceanography and Meteorology. The project of interest for Marissa revolves around the topic of marine heatwaves. This is a growing field in ocean sciences since marine heatwaves have started to occur more frequently. The data for this specific project comes from various types of instruments. Some data comes from satellites while the rest is from in-situ instruments. The hope of this project is to use both data sets to see if there are specific characteristics associated with marine heatwaves, or if the characteristics vary from one event to the next. After graduation Marissa, plans on getting her Master’s in the Oceanic Sciences to further investigate the climate system and it’s impacts on the polar regions of the globe. She is currently waiting to hear back from universities she applied to.

Author's Note:

Thank you to Dr. Ajoy Kumar for being the advisor on my thesis project and for the help throughout the process. And to the rest of my thesis committee, Dr. Alex DeCaria and Dr. Robert Vaillancourt, I greatly appreciated all the feedback throughout the entire thesis.

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