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maritime activity in 17th and 18th century new castle delaware

By Sarah gehret and mariana ladrilleros

_UCM9398_Mariana Ladrilleros.jpg

Sarah Gehret is currently a junior at Millersville University where she is a dual major in history and archaeology. Sarah and her partner began this project when they participated in the Millersville archaeological field school in the fall of 2023, which is where they learned the various aspects of what it takes to be an archaeologist. As a result of this course, Sarah has developed a strong interest in archaeology and what can be learned from studying the material remains of humans from past civilizations. It was this passion that encouraged Sarah and her partner to have the desire to spread knowledge about archaeology to a wider audience. After graduation, Sarah intends to pursue a career in either archaeology or museum curatorial work. 


Mariana Ladrilleros is a Junior at Millersville University dual majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in Archeology and History. She had the opportunity to participate in a real excavation in New Castle, Delaware, as part of the 2023 Millersville University Archeological Field School. Here she gained additional knowledge about historical archeology both in the lab and on the field. She was able to collect, catalog, and examine the artifacts in that lab while also learning about excavation methods and artifact recovery in the field. More details about the archaeological excavation are covered in the Made in Millersville Journal 


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