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AI technology

Training AI Agents to Play a tower defense game using reinforcement learning

By mitchell Harrison, Jonathon rivera, and Justin stevens 


Mitchell Harrison is a Computer Science major originally from Baltimore. He chose to pursue his bachelor's degree here at Millersville University after seeing what has been developed in the department. As a result, his project on game development with a particular focus on AI development was developed. After graduation, Mitchell plans to work in the field of web development focused on becoming a full-stack developer in the future. 


Jonathan Rivera is a senior at Millersville University majoring in Computer Science. His project was motivated by his personal interest in mobile games. What drove him to begin this project was his curiosity about how these games are developed. He wanted to understand the development process behind them, apply the skills acquired from his degree, and recreate a game from scratch. Additionally, he was intrigued by the idea of incorporating AI to enhance the game's dynamics. After graduating, Jonathan plans to pursue a career in software engineering with a keen interest in web and UX/UI design. He also considers the possibility of furthering his education with a graduate degree in the future.


Justin Stevens is a Computer Science major in his Senior year at Millersville University. During his time at MU, he has developed a passion for both game development and artificial intelligence. He decided to combine the two for an independent study with two other CS students. This project focused on recreating a popular mobile game and training an AI to play the game in the same skill capacity as a human. After graduation, Justin plans to become a Software Developer and one day continue his education in a master's program. 

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