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who's harriet?

an oral history of the lancaster league of women's voters

By victoria bostwick

Victoria R. Bostwick is a senior at Millersville University majoring in Communications with an option in Public Relations. She began studying League of Women Voters in Dr. Russell-Loretz’s Public Relations Issues class. Bostwick values the history of the League of Women Voters and continues to further her research with her fellow team members.

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& Alicia garges

Alicia Garges is a junior speech communications major with a concentration in public relations and a minor in history. This project began as a part of Alicia’s Public Relations Issues and Cases class, where teams of students were able to research different organizations within the Lancaster community. Given the unique opportunity to work with the Lancaster County League of Women Voters, Alicia’s team conducted interviews to create an oral history surrounding the organization, in order to see the impact of the League. This project combined Alicia’s passion for history and gave her team practical experience in public relations research. After completing her undergraduate studies, Alicia would like to attend graduate school and work in the Public Relations field.

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& rachel lau

Rachel Lau is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications with an option in public relations at Millersville University. She is in her junior year at Millersville University and began the research for the League of Women Voters in Fall 2019. She currently works as a CER staff member in the Communications Department and holds the position as a Producer for News 99 at Millersville University TV (MUTV). She loves to focus her studies around public relations and broadcasting as she is well rounded in both areas. This paper gave her the chance to expand on her interviewing and oral history skills. She enjoyed gaining knowledge of the League and the significance of Harriet Kenderdine.

& philip romansky

Phil Romansky is a senior Speech Communication Major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Entrepreneurship. His research interests stemmed from his coursework and experiential work experiences. In 2017, he received the MU-MUSE award to study the changing cultural identity of people of Syrian descent living in Lancaster County. This project was also the focus of his role as a Communication Research Fellow at McNairy Library. This year for MiM, Phil is completing this research and reflecting on the challenges he faced conducting his first research project. He is also working with a team of students in sharing the story of the League of Women Voters in Lancaster County. He hopes that sharing his experiences may make it easier for other students to explore research without the fear of ridicule or falling into the trap of perfectionist thinking.

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Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Phil at this email address to start a conversation.

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