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The Efficacy of a Vertically Aligned Choral and Music Curriculum 

By Kylie calogero


Kylie Calogero is a junior music education and vocal performance dual major at the Tell School of Music at Millersville University. She hopes to pursue further education in the field, eventually getting her doctorate and becoming a professor of music education. Kylie is the current National Association of Music Education Chapter 92 president, American Choral Directors Association student chapter vice president, Millersville Chorale vice president, Marauder Marching Band color guard director, and Chromatic treasurer and choreographer. Through attending Millersville University and studying under Dr. Micheàl Houlahan and Dr. Philip Tacka, she has become fascinated in the philosophy of music education, particularly the Houlahan-Tacka methodology. She became even more intrigued with the most recent publication applying the methodology to the choral classroom as this is the area of music education that she would like to pursue further. Upon reading the book, she became curious about how different this methodology is from how choral directors generally teach, and what potential the usage of this methodology truly has to develop musicianship among secondary level choral singers. With that, she began with questioning all the choral teachers she could to gather data on the average choral music classroom to compare it to the ideal according to the Houlahan-Tacka methodology with the goal of identifying the differences to ultimately benefit the musicianship of the students involved.


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