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Kilnin’ It

by Advanced Ceramics


Kilnin’ It is a sculpture exhibition of work by the Spring 2017 Advanced Ceramics class. Artists plan on exhibiting a range of work that is based in clay with mixed media elements. This show explores the repetition and refinement of wheel thrown forms; playing with arrangement and elements of design via handmade forms and found objects, and experiments with various displays. Material is a driving factor in the work made. Each artist has been completely involved in every step of the ceramic process, starting with making clay and ending with final glaze firings. What emerges are works that utilize a variety of wheel thrown, hand built, and alternative processes, culminating into a tactile group exhibition.

About the Authors

The Advanced Ceramics class is intended to continue developing style and techniques for the individual maker, aiding them in pursuit of their own artistic direction. During this semester, students have learned through making, viewing, discussing, and writing about their art.  These components create the world in which art lives. In this course, everyone has explored the languages, or styles, of making and have begun developing their own language and way of participating in both the art they have created and the world as they see it. They all sincerely look forward to sharing their vision with the Millersville community!

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