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An Analysis of Particulate Matter of the Size 2.5 Microns and Public Health in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

By keelie steiner

Steiner Headshot.JPG

Keelie N. Steiner is a third-year student at Millersville University, graduating in May 2024, and is pursuing a Meteorology degree with minors in Mathematics and Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management (EHEM). She is also a member of the University’s Honors College. Along with her academics, Keelie is a member of Millersville University’s Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the Omicron Delta Kappa Honors Fraternity. Keelie is a tour guide for the Department of Undergraduate Admissions and a tutor for several mathematics courses. As a requirement of the Honors College, Keelie has been working on her undergraduate thesis over the past year, conducting a regional air quality study of Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Her interdisciplinary approach, combining aspects of atmospheric chemistry, public health, and international legislation, seeks to educate a public audience regarding the severity of air quality events in the chosen region. After graduation, Keelie will be attending graduate school, with the intention of completing a Ph.D. program and continuing to study air quality.  


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