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Evaluating the Use of a Virtual Escape Room to Reinforce APA Style

By justin mcfail

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Justin McFail is a graduate student graduating in Spring 2022 with a Master of Science in Nursing focusing Nursing Education. Justin earned his bachelor's degree in nursing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2015. As a registered nurse, Justin has worked in various specialties including medical-surgical and intensive care areas. As an educator, Justin strives to bring creative models of education to the classroom. This led to the creation of his project, a virtual escape room style game to enhance student’s understanding of APA style. This project allowed Justin to analyze a new educational pedagogy, while examining how students engaged with materials in a non-traditional way. After graduation, Justin plans to continue his work at the bedside while teaching the next generation of nurses.  

Keywords:  Methods Quantitative, Nursing Education, Technology and Informatics, APA Style, Escape Room

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