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Meet Eugene

Eugene Thomas

Eugene Thomas is a senior English major minoring in African American studies with a writing studies concentration. His project came from his advisor Caleb Corkery’s deeper investigation into the relationship between hip-hop and intersectionality. Eugene’s passion for this project, however, stemmed from his alignment with being a black male, the experiences he had to live through, and the stereotype that all black men are seen as negative. Eugene looks to change the perception and perspective the world has about the black man. The project itself looks at intersectionality as the central framework, but it overlaps into the idea of the ‘hardcore’ black man versus the ‘intersectional’ black man. The idea of the two types of men fuel a conversation on how masculinity is defined and at any point, is it oppressive in nature. Overall, this project aims to challenge masculinity and achieve the answer of how masculinity challenges men. Meeting that goal is ongoing, not just for understanding that masculinity is a social construct— also realizing that it is constructed out of fear.

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