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media analysis

How HBO’s The Idol Exploits the Female Narrative 

By heather verani

Heather Verani Headshot 2024.jpg

Heather Verani is a second-year graduate student and graduate assistant within the department of English and World Languages. Prior to Made in Millersville, she has presented at the English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities conference on sense of belonging in graduate school and the Mid-Atlantic Pop and American Culture convention on the exploitation of the female narrative both on and off the screen in HBO’s The Idol, a research endeavor where she received funding from the Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity. Currently, she is focusing her research on her thesis work, which is a cultural feminist rhetorical analysis of the portrayal of teen femininity and sexuality in popular television media. Outside of academic research, Heather enjoys reading Young Adult and Romance novels and listening to her favorite poet, Taylor Swift.  


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