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Using Puppetry as a Tool to Create an Immersive Elementary Music Classroom

By harley ludy

MIM Headshot.jpeg

Harley Ludy is a junior Music Education Major with a concentration in string bass, and is working towards certification in Modern Band at the Tell School of Music. Harley Ludy is a member of the Music division of the Music Research Fellows and enjoys the atmosphere and
community aspect of the community of practice. Harley is an avid puppeteer and loves to implement puppetry into lesson plans. Thus, Harley’s research takes a deep look at puppetry and its use in the elementary music classroom, as well as its ability to immerse students in their learning. 

Harley utilized the oral history methodology and interviewed 7 individuals: 3 professional puppeteers and 5 educators who utilize puppetry in the classroom. With these two
different perspectives, Harley wants to use both sides to inform each other. Puppets have a presence to them that children adore and that make the classroom fun and fresh. They also have links to the concepts of classroom management and social-emotional learning. Harley’s
goal is to show educators that puppets as fully realized characters will make the learning environment of their classroom more engaging for the students.

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