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on my way:the texture of memory

By hannah smith

Hannah Smith_headshot (1).jpg

I am a junior art education major with specific interest in ceramics and painting. The work I am presenting is part of an ongoing interest in depicting personal experiences through scenes of roadways I travel. I paint from photographic references and memory, both influenced and shaped by the story I am telling or feeling I am expressing. I often use a darkened color scheme in my work and a range of textures to emphasize aspects of a painting that are significant to the landscape or to the memory. Color and texture play an important role in the storytelling and remembrance involved in my work. Organizing and publishing this work has caused me to reflect on it in a new way and I see this theme as an idea I will frequently return to as it develops new meaning to me. As it changes, the work becomes both a literal and figurative roadmap of how I am traveling through life.

Author's Note:

A special thank you to Dorothy Frey for her support in this project. Correspondence  concerning this article should be addressed to Hannah C. Smith at

Keywords:  Painting, Texture, Driving, Storytelling

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