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Determination versus Incompetence: A Military Analysis of the Russo-Ukrainian War

By griffin leib

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Griffin Leib is a junior Government, Policy, and Law and History double major with a minor in international studies from Reading, Pennsylvania. Griffin has been interested in history, military science, and politics of the wider world since a young age. Eastern Europe in particular has been a keen interest of Griffin’s since High School and he hopes to learn the Russian language and pursue a career in strategic intelligence analysis. Griffin’s partner in this project is fellow government major Aiden Baldree. They both seek to explain the Russo-Ukrainian War’s impacts on the world stage and the key military lessons the conflict has shown on the nature of war. This project is technically an independent study and not part of a course. However, it runs in tandem with previous and current studies of Ukraine done by Griffin Leib who is currently enrolled in Dr. Victoria Khiterer’s Russo-Ukrainian Relations course.

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