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education and student experience

The Tapestry Life of International Students 

By godswill chiejina


Godswill Chiejina, hailing from Nigeria, is a freshman at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. His fervent passion lies within the realm of Computer Science, particularly in the domain of full stack engineering. His journey into the world of technology commenced during his high school years when he became an active member of the programming club. It was here that he first glimpsed the transformative power of coding in revolutionizing technology. Immersed in the intricate process of employing problem-solving skills to overcome intricate challenges, he found himself drawn deeper into the world of programming, specializing particularly in Rust programming.
           With aspirations set high, Godswill aims to forge a career path in the field of Computer Science, harboring dreams of one day contributing to industry giants such as Google and Microsoft. However, his interests extend beyond the digital domain. An ardent sports enthusiast, he finds solace and exhilaration on the basketball court or soccer field, relishing the competitive spirit of intramural sports. Through his multifaceted interests and unwavering determination, Godswill Chiejina seeks to leave an indelible mark in both the realms of technology and sports. 


Author Note:

Special thanks to Dr. Margaret Mbindyo for her mentorship and support.

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