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Fishbowls, Bowties, and Diamonds

By gillian gurney

GGurney Headshot (1).jpg

Gillian is currently a senior, from Palmyra, PA, majoring in Interactive and Graphic Design. After graduating, she plans to pursue a career in comics, illustration, and animation, and to continue writing stories. For years, she’s dreamed of telling stories visually, wishing to create an enthralling narrative just like the ones she’s watched on TV for years. Millersville was the push she needed to take her creations seriously, driving her to put all her heart into her stories. Ensuring her that this dream could be made into a reality. This comic is a love letter to her craft and illustrates her passion and determination for the medium. She is proud to share her story and hopes that her creation can push others to pursue their dreams even when the world is against them.

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