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Government and political affairs

COVID-19’s Impact on Sweden as a Result of the Swedish Political System

by Garrett Kilgore


Garrett Kilgore is a junior at Millersville University majoring in Government, Policy, and Law with a concentration in Pre-Law. Following graduation, he intends to attend law school. Garrett is participating in this research study to explore the political impact that COVID-19 has had worldwide. This study began as a class project for Garrett’s comparative politics class with Dr. Robert Bookmiller, who has also helped him complete this study. His particular interest in this project was examining the strengths and weaknesses of the powers of the Swedish political system, and how they affect real-world issues. His research examines the intricate and intertwined impact that COVID-19 and the political system of Sweden have had on each other, and how it has influenced the progression of the virus. Following the completion of this study, Garrett will use the research and analysis skills he has developed to write more succinctly and develop more thorough ideas and points in both the classroom and the workforce.

Author's Note:

I have no known conflicts of interest to disclose.
Thank you to my advisor, Dr. R. Bookmiller, for all your support and advice over the course of this project.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to

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