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Food as Medication: A Concept Analysis

by Gary Grimm


Abstract: From the moment we are conceived until the time of our death, we maintain an ongoing relationship with food as it plays a major part in our lives. In America, we spend incredible amounts of money on healthcare, yet we continue to have one of the unhealthiest populations in the world. There seems to be disconnect amongst providers and the healthcare system about the effects food can have as a treatment. The aim of this analysis is to explore the essence of the concept food as medication using Walker & Avant’s method and arrive at an operational definition of the concept. Food as medication is defined; attributes, antecedents, consequences, cases, and empirical referents are also included.

About the Author

Gary is finishing his first year in the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner program here at Millersville. He graduated with departmental honors from Millersville in 2008 with a BS in Biology. He completed his diploma in Nursing from Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences in 2012 and his BSN from Millersville in 2015. Currently, Gary works in the Emergency Department at the Lebanon Veterans Administration Hospital where he is also an ACLS certified instructor. Once Gary completes this FNP program his goal is to practice Integrative Medicine in family practice and eventually work in a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model (no insurance). Gary lives in Lancaster city with his beautiful wife and two dogs. His hobbies include skydiving in Marietta at Maytown Sport Parachute Club and hammock backpacking.

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