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  • What is the purpose of the Made in Millersville Journal?
    The purpose of the Journal is to publish undergraduate work that was showcased during the Made in Millersville conference. We want to provide our publishers with an authentic publishing process.
  • Who is the audience for the Made in Millersville Journal?
    The audience for the Made in Millersville Journal is endless. While we want students on campus to read the Journal, it is opened to any or all who are interested.
  • What is the Made in Millersville Journal?
    The Made in Millersville Journal is a digital platform to publish undergraduate work for students that present at the Made in Millersville conference. Overall, it is an opportunity for students to learn the publishing process. The Journal acts as an achieve of the conference as it documents and continue scholarly conversation. In Spring 2018, more than 40 students published with the Journal. Their journal articles can be found here:
  • What is the Made in Millersville Journal’s mission?
    We hope to capture the annual Made in Millersville conference in digital form and allow presented projects to continue as part of the conversation of scholarly research. We want to provide students with a learning opportunity as they share their research and creativity with a public audience through the publication process.
  • Is there a hard copy version of the Made in Millersville Journal?
    No, the MIMJ is an online-only publication.
  • Who can publish in the Made in Millersville Journal?
    Undergraduates of any discipline that presents at the Made in Millersville conference. All we look for are students with creative and research-based projects.
  • What do students need to do in order to publish with the Made in Millersville Journal?
    Students need to opt in to publish with the Journal by checking the correct box on the Made in Millersville application. From there, we will send you an initial email welcoming you to the publishing process. You will need to read and respond to that email in a timely manner. Then, you will meet with an editor to discuss a plan of action that fits your needs. We will help you through summarizing your research or creative project to share with the public, all while following the Journal’s guidelines. See the full publishing process here.
  • What does the Made in Millersville Journal want from publishers?
    In the end, we expect five key pieces from publishers – a title and abstract, presentation of your project, citations and references in APA, photograph of yourself, and an author’s biography written in third-person.
  • My journal article is ten pages long. Can I still publish?
    We ask all publishers to shorten their journal articles down to two or three pages.
  • What if I want to publish in the Made in Millersville Journal, but my project is research-based and will not be completed until closer to the conference date? "
    Email us at and let us know your situation. Your editor will try to accommodate your circumstance as best as possible.
  • I want to publish my article in another undergraduate journal. Is that possible?
    Yes, you can publish in another undergraduate journal. The Made in Millersville Journal has a Creative Commons license, meaning that nothing is copyrighted due to educational purposes. Students are free to publish in multiple journals.
  • What happens during the first meeting between editors and publishers?
    During this specific meeting, we go over and discuss every part of the Writer’s Agreement. We want to personally make sure all publishers know what we expect from them. Meetings are held in Club D'Ville on the first floor of the Student Memorial Center.
  • Since my project is more technical in nature, should I go more for an informal, general idea of what I was doing and my experience? Or should I include more of the technical details?"
    As for whether you are being more technical or informal, it is up to you! You can take the journal article in whichever direction works best for you. Just keep in mind, if you include technical information that readers who are not in your field will be reading as well, be sure to make the information clear enough so that anyone can understand it.
  • I lost my copy of the Writer’s Agreement. Where can I find another copy?
    You can find another copy of the Writer’s Agreement here.
  • How long will it take before I receive comments about my draft?
    We will try to have your journal article back within a week. Keep in mind, we are editors to other publishers as well. Please be patient and you will receive your article back soon.
  • What if I need a short extension on my journal article?
    Email the Made in Millersville Journal at We are fine with giving you extra days to work on your journal article. Please keep us updated on your writing process by emailing us.
  • Can I add photographs and audio to my journal article?
    Yes, you can add photographs, audio and video to your journal article. In fact, we encourage it as more readers will become interested in your writing piece.
  • How can publishers get in contact with the Made in Millersville Journal?
    You can always reach us via email at We are also on social media! On Facebook, just search for the Made in Millersville Journal. Our Twitter name is @mimjournal. We recently joined Instagram and our username is @mim_journal.
  • After some consideration, I have decided to opted out of the Made in Millersville Journal. How should I go about removing myself from the publishing process? "
    Email the Made in Millersville Journal at We will make a note stating that you have decided not to publish in the Journal.
  • When will my article be published online?
    We will send you a link to your article when it is published on the Made in Millersville Journal website.
  • I need help with APA citations. What should I do?
    Purdue Owl can help with issues pertaining to APA citations. Look here for additional help. The Writing Center in McNairy Library is also available to help.
  • What is the difference between an abstract and an article?
    An abstract is separate from your article and functions as a brief summary of your article.
  • What are in-text citations?
    In-text citations attribute the information that you included in your journal article to the sources you have listed on your references page.
  • I have a question about the Made in Millersville conference. Where should I go?
    Visit the Made in Millersville conference website.
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