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Ergonomic Assessment of a Molding Department

by Ritamarie Waugh


Abstract: Different workplaces and tasks have high complexities in terms of interaction between humans and their working environment. This challenge has created problems for both an employer and employees. During World War II, the improvement for safety and performance of military systems became a real concern. Systems such as aircrafts, naval ships and large-scale weapons required attention. “Designers recognized the importance of reflecting the characteristics of the operator in the equipment they designed” (American Psychological Association, n.d.). The continuation of research expanded into commercial sectors with consumer products, office settings and space systems. The current global ergonomics is concerned with both improving the design of products or systems and improving conditions in the workplace.

About the Author

Rita Waugh is a senior studying Occupational Safety and Environmental Health with a minor in Emergency Management. Passionate about safety, she searched for ways to get more involved. She became a student member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the American Society of Safety Engineers. She was awarded three scholarships for her drive, initiative and leadership skills. Rita is completing her honors thesis of an Ergonomic Assessment of a Molding Department to graduate with department honors from Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology. Ultimately, her goals are to receive her certifications as a Safety Professional and an Industrial Hygienist.

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