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Assessing Winter Holiday Air Quality: Preliminary Insights Towards Establishing a Baseline Air Pollutant Measurement Study in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

By Emmanuel owusu and keelie Steiner

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Emmanuel Owusu is a passionate master’s student enrolled in the Integrated Scientific Application-MSISA program within the Department of Earth Science at Millersville University. Hailing from Ghana, Emmanuel's academic pursuits are deeply rooted in addressing pressing environmental concerns, particularly focusing on the detrimental effects of air and water pollution on human health. His interest stems from witnessing firsthand the escalating water and air pollution resulting from illegal mining activities and the prevalent practice of open plastic and wood burning. Emmanuel earned his first degree in Optometry from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. During his undergraduate studies, he undertook a pivotal thesis project titled "The Association Between Air Pollution and Ocular Surface Diseases in Amamnona, a Suburb in Cape Coast, Ghana." This research endeavor served as a catalyst, igniting his fervent dedication to understanding and mitigating environmental health issues. Upon completion of his master's degree, Emmanuel aspires to further his academic journey by pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Science, specializing in air and water pollution research. Ultimately, his career goal is to contribute meaningfully to the field of environmental health by working in a firm or industry dedicated to addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices. 

Keelie N. Steiner is a third-year student at Millersville University, graduating in May 2024, and is pursuing a Meteorology degree with minors in Mathematics and Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management (EHEM). She is also a member of the University’s Honors College. Along with her academics, Keelie is a member of Millersville University’s Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the Omicron Delta Kappa Honors Fraternity. Keelie is a tour guide for the Department of Undergraduate Admissions and a tutor for several mathematics courses. As a requirement of the Honors College, Keelie has been working on her undergraduate thesis over the past year, conducting a regional air quality study of Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Her interdisciplinary approach, combining aspects of atmospheric chemistry, public health, and international legislation, seeks to educate a public audience regarding the severity of air quality events in the chosen region. After graduation, Keelie will be attending graduate school, with the intention of completing a Ph.D. program and continuing to study air quality.  



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