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Emma Jones is planning to graduate in the Spring of 2019 with a BA in International Studies with concentrations in Comparative Studies and International Relations, and duel minors in German Studies and Government & Political Affairs. Her unique background in fencing and interest in the rise of global nationalism brought her to research nationalism in Ukraine. Fencing is a very popular sport in Eastern Europe and during the fall of the Soviet Union many prominent fencers and coaches emigrated to the United States. Growing up in the fencing community hearing stories from a former fencer leaving the former Soviet satellite state of Ukraine would always stick with her. Choosing to study the national identity crisis in Ukraine made her work more personal. Emma conducted a logistical regression using Stata 9 and the 2006 World Value Survey. This paper reveals the complicated issues surrounding Ukrainian nationalism and geopolitics the gap in recent field data, shows the lack of resources and research put into field data that is open to the public. Emma hopes one day to promote international partnerships that would allow for more field workers go to under researched areas to answer the global communities most pressing matters.

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