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My name is Emily Guise and I am a second semester sophomore here at Millersville University. I decided to write and research hip hop feminism because I am very passionate about my major, which is environmental hazards and emergency management. A typical trope in hip hop music is that artists will rap or sing about their experiences as many come from an economically weak or generally harsh background, and I found this to be interesting and thought it could tie in well with promoting healthy communities before disaster strikes so communities can build resilience beforehand. Researching both emergency management and hip hop feminism has broadened my view of the world. These fields have taught me new things about communities and lifestyles different from my own, and that knowledge to an emergency manager is one of the most priceless pieces of information one can hold dear and reference in the planning process. As Confucius said, “I will not grieve that others do not know me. I will grieve that I do not know others.” In the future, I am planning on getting my master’s degree in emergency management and will either be an emergency planner full time, teach the subject of emergency management at a university, or work in a disaster research center. 

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