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Emily Forry Photo


I am currently a senior psychology major, and my project was conducted through the psychology departmental honors program.  My project focuses on increasing TerraCycling behavior in Millersville students.  TerraCycle is an organization that reuses, recycles, or upcycles non-recyclable waste like makeup packaging, cereal bags, and energy bar wrappers.  I was first introduced to TerraCycle in Dr. Garner’s Child Development course, and I have been TerraCycling ever since.  Because of my passion for this sustainable project, I was intrigued to investigate what motivates other students to change their behavior in order to start participating in a project like TerraCycle.  My future plans include attending Millersville’s graduate program to obtain a master’s degree in school counseling.  I would love to further my research in environmental psychology as well as investigate school-based mentoring programs.

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