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Applied Engineering &Technology Management

Design and Development of a Modular Door Actuator

By elias peluso

Headshot Elias Peluso.png

Elias Peluso is a fourth-year Honors student and Millersville University.  His major is Applied Engineering - Robotics and Control Systems Technology.  As a part of his Honors College requirement, Elias completed a thesis project titled "Design and Development of a Modular Door Actuator."  Put simply, this involved creating a new version of an automatic door.  The concept of the project came about with the realization that public spaces have accommodations for physical disabilities, but there is often no equivalent of these accommodations for residential use.  If these devices were made less expensive and modular to set up in a temporary fashion, maneuvering in one’s own home with a physical disability could be much less strenuous a task.  Therefore, this project aimed to solve this problem with the invention of a new automatic door system.  With this project, Elias has tested his knowledge of all areas of the Applied Engineering department and intends to use these skills far into his future.  Elias's career options include 1) creating medical robotics  or 2) creating animatronics or robotic toys for entertainment.

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