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Bathymetry and Mapping of Lake Allure, Quarryville, Pennsylvania

By elefteria papavasilis

Terry Papavasilis Head Shot (1).jpg

Elefteria (Terry) Papavasilis is a Biology major with a marine concentration, and she is minoring in Oceanography. Her project, “Bathymetric Survey and Mapping of Lake Allure in Quarryville, Pennsylvania” was a unique opportunity to benefit the local community through SCUBA diver education, and public safety. As a SCUBA Diving Instructor, I was approached by Lancaster Scuba Center in the Fall 2020 to conduct some exploratory dives to determine whether an abandoned flooded quarry could be safely used for SCUBA diving and Public Safety Diver training. I approached Dr. Ajoy Kumar in Earth Sciences and expressed my interest in mapping the lake. 

Using a Remote Operated Vehicle, I conducted surveys of the lake and spent the summer on my kayak taking depth soundings with GPS and Sonar. The result was a map that has been used by public safety dive teams and the local SCUBA community to make their dives safer at Lake Allure. The next phase of my project is working with Dr. Dominique Didier in the Biology Department to study the biodiversity growing on two artificial reefs at Lake Allure. I plan to continue this research into August and will be writing a Biology Department Honors Thesis. I plan to graduate in May 2023. I would like to use the skills I learned during my research to pursue a PhD in Marine Biology with my graduate schoolwork focusing on ocean acidification and using artificial reefs to restore fish populations for ecotourism and commercial fishing. 

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