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Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanostructures and their Application in Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

By jenna davis

Jenna N. Davis is a senior environmental chemistry major with a minor in psychology. In 2019, Jenna was granted the Starbrad Excellence in Science Award for her internship as a laboratory technician at K&L Plating Company. Her research project combines her recent experience in the metals industry with her personal interest in geology and crystal growth, as she reproduces a one-pot method for synthesizing silver nanostructures. These crystals will then be used to enhance the scattering signals from fluorescent dyes using Raman spectroscopy. This experiment received one of the Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity and has provided invaluable training in analytical techniques and instrumentation. Jenna is also the secretary for the Millersville University Entomology Club and will be attending the Association of Southeastern Biologist's Annual Meeting this spring. After graduation she is hoping to start a career in civil service with the state's Department of Environmental Protection.

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Want to learn more about this presentation? Contact Jenna at this email address to start a conversation.

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