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Government and political affairs

Singapore: A Successful Autocracy

by david milam


David Milam is a Government and Political Affairs Major and International Studies and History double Minor. Growing up a military brat David lived in multiple countries and developed a love for studying new cultures and societies. He is a Senior at Millersville University and conducted the research for his project during his International Studies Senior Seminar class. David’s project analyzes the how Singapore has managed to create the worlds seemingly only successful autocracy. David hopes to continue traveling the world and plans to
seek a career in international intelligence upon graduating.

Author's Note:

I have no known conflict of interest to disclose.
Thank you to my advisor, Dr. David Owen, for his support with this project.
This article is a sample of a larger paper. 
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to David Milam 

Keywords:  Singapore, Autocracy, Democracy, Southeast Asia

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