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Meet rashna

rashna yousaf

Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan I moved to the States in 2010. After being called Russian,

Mount Rushmore, Rosha Shana I would like this opportunity to introduce myself. Greetings, my

name is Rashna Yousaf. I am an English major with journalism minor. My love for English

language and storytelling is evident in multiple poems I’ve written about race, gender, and

oppression. Last fall I went to the Toronto International Film Festival. Expressing my stories in a

visual way has become my passion since. After coming back from Toronto that semester I heard

about an acquaintance who had to change dorms because of racial tension. She is black. I felt

sick that this is happening in 2017 but not surprised having seen the treatment Africans have

experienced as Americans in the U.S. I wanted to make a short film that carried the essence of

everything I felt for this dear human. After writing about the racial discrimination of African

Americans in real estate I felt like my goal was met. But the real challenge was to shoot the film

with an iPhone and make it look worthy of mass audience. The story is about Sophia a woman

who is trying to find the best home for her family but being denied of it regardless of her merit.

She experiences racism and sexism from the helper at the office. When I learned about MIM I

had every intention to submit this project. This story will forever be a part of MIM journal. And I

want for this short film to be an addition to the conversation minorities on this campus are

already having.

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