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emergency management

digital portfolios in the modern workforce

By connor woods

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Connor Woods is a senior double majoring in Emergency Management and Science Writing. He is deeply fascinated with the weather and passionate about helping people affected by disasters like hurricanes and flooding. With solid writing skills he developed throughout high school and college, especially technical writing, Connor incorporated them into analyzing and revising various emergency management plans. Since writing and communication skills are vital in emergency management, he has to do so accordingly by translating emergency management jargon into simple terms for the general public and related audiences. Through outreach events, networking, and effective coordination between all sectors (emergency management, government officials, stakeholders, and the general public), Connor intends to hone his skills and knowledge in emergency management to prepare communities for any disaster and reduce its impacts.

His featured project is creating a digital portfolio for those pursuing professional careers after college. Since they allow people to demonstrate their accomplishments over time, it enhances professional engagement, especially with potential employers. By showcasing their qualifications in the technological era, digital portfolios exhibit the applicant’s skills and accomplishments as to why they are an excellent fit for a company.

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