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Evaluation of Alternative Concrete as a Climate Change Mitigation Measure for Lancaster County, PA, Preliminary

by Caleb Himmele, kelly brubaker, jason heitmann, brian fritz, michael zubak, logan bonewitz, & alana bezas

20220322_141807 (1).jpg

The 2022 geography course, Sustainable Development, consists of a group of Geography, Environmental and Spatial Sciences, Biology, and other majors who are committed to making a difference in their campus and community. To this end, this semester they are creating a pollinator garden next to the existing campus garden beds, performing stream cleanups, turning off campus classroom lights on late Friday afternoons, and assisting at the Campus Cupboard. Beyond these plans, they are also seeking to develop a better understanding of some environmental issues facing their community so they can help to address them. The county-wide research group, Drawdown Lancaster, contacted the course’s professor, Dr. Kathleen Schreiber, to see if her students could help find the most-fitting climate change solutions for Lancaster County, PA. This article describes the class’s efforts to quantify the greenhouse emissions reductions the county could realize if concrete manufacturers switched to an alternative form of concrete. This work will be added to research on other techniques to determine the strategies that are most appropriate for the county.

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