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The Environment

Ebb Tide and Flood Tide: Effect on Benthic Fauna Richness 

by brendan calv, dai ma, and Sarah murphy

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Brendan Calv is a sophomore at Millersville University majoring in Emergency Management and minoring in General Business.Within Millersville, he is a part-time student success coach and is the secretary for the IAEM Student Chapter.Brendan’s favorite recent experience was as a summer scholars research intern for the CHEER (Coastal Hazards, Equity,Economic Prosperity & Resilience) Hub. He fell in love with the field of emergency management due to its wild nature, the lasting impact it will provide, and the uniting power that disasters can bring to communities. This passion for emergency management grew as he took part in several opportunities including the IAEM Conference, the NASA IMPACTS Team, and the NSF S-STEM Workforce Development Program. His proudest accomplishments include presenting at the 2023 National Science Foundation Scholarships in Stem S³ Research Symposium, receiving the NJEPA 2023 Memorial Scholarship, and presenting at the Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Resilience (CHEER) 2023 community presentation. He also has just begun a logistics intern for the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management. Looking forward, Brendan hopes to take his passion for emergency management into the workforce with a focus on either fires, aviation, meteorology, or space weather. 

Dai Ma is originally from Vietnam and came to the US around four years ago. Currently, he is pursuing biology as his major. During a three-week STEM program supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), he had the opportunity to explore Chincoteague Bay, where he was introduced to this intriguing project. This experience has fueled his passion to enhance his skills in data collection and analysis for research purposes. He is confident that developing these skills will be helpful for his post-graduation career in biology. While he doesn’t know exactly what he want to do when he graduates, he hopes to find something that will both allow his to contribute significantly to the area of biology and be something he likes doing.  


Sarah Murphy is a biology major specializing in environmental. Trawling, in particular, ignited her passion within this project. She found being hands-on with benthic sea animals was fun and special, as it’s definitely not something you get to experience every day. Post-graduation, her goal is to relocate to the West Coast and pursue a career in aquatic biology. The skills gained from this project have already proven useful, and she is confident they will for the future! 

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