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Moving Forward - Growth Through Adversity & Renewal

By anjila karki

Artboard 1.jpg

Anjila Karki was born in the Refugee camps at Jhapa, Nepal, and moved to the United States in 2009 when she was eight years of age. She is pursuing a BSE in Art education and a minor in Psychology. It is her fourth year at Millersville. The background of her series came from her grandmother and the struggles she faced while residing in the refugee camps. In the series, you will see three major components, one being her grandmother's scarf which moves the viewer's eyes through the paintings and symbolizes their culture. The Vibrant plants represent the growth and success throughout their years after moving to this foreign country. Lastly, the surface used for each of the paintings also holds great value. She came across these ceiling tiles after moving into her new home. While the houses in Nepal are built out of bamboo which is less stabilized and the houses here have more stabilized materials that are safer. it shows how different her life has been from the house she once resided in the camps versus the house she resides in currently. In the future, she plans to work on more still-life paintings and bring out a variety of cultures and colors throughout her work. After graduating she wants to pursue her dream to become an art teacher to young students and hopes to lead them to become successful and creative artists in the future. By participating in the Made In Millersville conference she hopes to expose others to her work and allow the audience to connect to her piece and take away some sort of meaning as well.

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