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Meet kaylee

kaylee herndon

Kaylee Herndon, nineteen, is a young and new author who has extensive experience

writing for local publications. She is majoring in sports journalism and pursuing a bachelor’s

degree at Millersville University. She was the head editor of the E-town ExPRESSion, and wrote

for both the Elizabethtown Advocate and The Torch. She was also a blogger on Figment, where

she was a featured author in 2015. She has also been featured in the VOX magazine, a local

publication of Elizabethtown College, and on The Virtual Cavern.

Kaylee writes a variety of poetry, short stories, and flash fiction in addition to her work in

journalism. Her other work can be found on her blog at She also is

working towards getting coaching certifications for fencing, a sport that she has participated in

for six years now. In the future, she aims to live in a large east coast city such as Washington

D.C. or New York.

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