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Meet Rose

Rose Fisher

Rose Fisher is in her last semester here at Millersville and she plans to graduate this spring with Psychology and German majors and a History minor. She is also a member of the Honors College. Her parents left the Amish church when she was 11 years old and she grew up speaking Pennsylvania German. Being a speaker of PA German and being Ex-Amish are important parts of her identity. In high school she studied Spanish and discovered her passion for languages. She decided to take German 101 during her sophomore year in college because she was curious about how similar Standard German is to PA German. She has been in love with the German language ever since. This project allowed her to combine my love for the PA German, Standard German, and English languages by comparing them. The purpose of the study was to see how closely related Standard German and PA German are when comparing one complex grammar feature. She was able to examine the languages on a deeper level. Through this project, she learned a lot, not only about the specific grammar feature she was studying, but also about how to study languages. She does not have any post-graduation plans except to continue working at the jobs she has already had which have nothing to do with her major. However, she is definitely hoping to eventually do something involving languages, specifically German, and preferably something that involves traveling a lot. 

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